Company Profile

Pause Wines is a Prarthana Group company. This Group was formed in 1996 by entrepreneurs with an undying enthusiasm and penchant for taking up challenges, under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Patil. Today, Prarthana Group, with a turnover of Rs 1.5 Billion (USD 25 Million), is respected in real estate industry for its landmark building development projects. Already built over 4 lakh square feet of real estate in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, the group is poised to construct another 3 lakh square feet area in the near future.

In 2007, Mr. Rajesh decided to venture into the wine world and formed Pause Wines and Ideas Pvt. Ltd. as a Prarthana Group company. Under this company, Rendez-vous Wines India Pvt. Ltd. takes care of the vineyards and winemaking and Pause Wines Pvt. Ltd. looks after the marketing and distribution of all its wine variants.

Mr. Rajesh loves to travel to different places across the world; and being a foodie, he seeks new experiences with the world's renowned wines and the food that can be paired with it. It's this passion of his that makes him create better wines. He understands the wines he makes and hence they turn out to be the best ones in the market today. He wishes to make the Indian audience aware of the importance of wine and bring Indian wine to every table in India. His desire to make best quality wines helps Pause Wines to reach new standards all the while.


Our mission is to endeavor to make wine an integral part of the daily diet of every Indian and a preferred accompaniment to all kinds of food.


To facilitate wine consumption at the lowest common denominator of society; and in the process, be a premier wine producer in the country.


In today's world, being busy has become a rule rather than the exception. When we feel busy or stressed out and don't take time out to release the stress, the stress slowly captures our mind and then the body. The situation makes us physically tired and spiritually drained. This may end up feeling lethargic and plagued. We shouldn't allow the life to sabotage ourselves this way. There should be times when one can sit back, enjoy life and relax.

Pause Wines tells us to do exactly that and rather much more. With a glass of Pause Wine in hand, we should be able to enjoy some great times with our beloved friends and family. This helps us rejuvenate and celebrate a phenomenon called life. With regular breaks and pauses in life, we can get the energy required to continue doing what we had been doing in life. Once we take the much needed break, or a 'pause', and go back to work we would feel a new zeal and gist to go further. Pause Wines gives a different approach to such breaks from life, assuring every moment to be healthy and serene, with a glass of best Indian wine. 'Pause' makes us realise that stress is transient and that there is a beautiful life beyond it. Hence, our tagline reads 'LIFE CAN WAIT'.

Pause Wines believes that every common man in India should know the importance of wine and understand how it is good for health. It intends to make Pause Wines as the first choice of every wine drinker when he or she thinks of picking up a bottle of wine for any occasion.


We at Pause wines believe in intensifying our strengths even further and in overshadowing our weaknesses. The 5 gems we are proud of are:

  1. Fine Quality Grapes: We produce the best quality grapes and hence the wines we make are also of the paramount quality.
  2. Wide Variety: We have a huge list of brands and wines varietals for the passionate consumers to make a choice from.
  3. Proficient Vignerons and Sommeliers / Winemakers: We have the most skilled wine makers who possess the expertise in the field of winemaking.
  4. Proficient Management: The management at Pause Wines works towards creating a better and quality business to ensure rise in popularity of our wines.
  5. Deep Commitment to Ethics and Wine Lovers: We have a deep commitment towards wine lovers and their ethics; and hence we make vegetarian wines.

We at Pause Wines intend to nurture and cultivate best wines in India and make a wine culture which every Indian would be proud to follow. Wine making is not only our business but our passion for wine culture.