Wine as Medicine

Every person on this earth has one or the other passion in life. Certain passions are not only pleasurable but also beneficial to health. Wine drinking is such passion which is not only tranquil but also helps prevent some of the diseases and bring lots of health benefits as concluded by some research studies. It is perhaps why wine drinking is becoming popular across the world. Initially, it was contemplated that health benefits of wine were folklore created wine producers to boost up wine consumption. However, studies by many research institutes of repute have shown that wine has medicinal properties and has been used even in ancient times. Of course, only light to moderate consumption of wine is supposed to be good for health.

Ancient history shows examples of wine being used as an antiseptic for wounds, also used for patients having digestive problems and even diarrhea. It was considered a tonic for lethargy and tiredness. Wine was regularly used as a medicine until people started opposing it due to its alcohol contents. Although no beverage can supplement the perks of daily exercise and a well-balanced diet, moderate consumption of wine could be beneficial.

Medicinal Value

Wine is known to have ethanol or commonly known as alcohol, in it. This ethanol has antioxidant properties which help to reduce blockages in the veins. It also protects the brain from damage, in case of a stroke. Wine is known to prevent heart failures, heart attacks and other heart diseases too. Consumption of regulated quantities of wine helps in preventing decline of memory, especially that caused by aging. Cures for diseases like Alzheimer's are known to benefit from wine. Type 2 Diabetes can also be recovered and reduced by the regular moderate consumption of wine.

Anxiety patients and people who go through continuous stress should consume small quantities of wine to help them relive their tensions and prevent stroke. People with digestion problems can imbibe wine to stimulate the appetite and increase the acids in the stomach to help quick digestion. Wine is even used on skin to heal wounds and resolve small nodules that occur on the joints of the body. Wine has polyphenols which act as antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent damage to the cells and hence prevent damage to the body.

The dosage of wine is measured in terms of drinks. One glass or one drink could be about 120 ml. The dosage varies with the kind of health issues one suffers through or is prone to. However, it's always recommended that we consult a doctor before consuming wine if we already have any disease. Over drinking of wine can also be hazardous to the body; hence, we should limit the consumption to small quantities. We should test with one wine type first and check if it suits us well. Wine should be a beverage which will help you relax and take a break from daily routine.