Vineyards and Winery

Pause Wines believe in producing the finest of wines from the choicest of grapes. Hence, we cultivate grapes in the right location and under the right climatic conditions. In the greenery of Dindori which is near Nasik, Maharashtra, popularly known as wine capital of India, our vineyards have the best location to produce grapes for wines. The vineyards are set on an extensive 100 acres of land and get sunlight all throughout the year. The fertile soil of Dindori is one of the best for producing optimum quality grapes for wine. The soil quality is of lateritic type and has tiny gravel in it to make it well drained. The gravel assists the roots of the vines to go deeper into the soil and reach the micronutrients embedded deeper in the rich soil. This helps in making strong vines to produce healthy, sweet and organic grapes.

The backwaters of the Karanjwan dam encompass the vineyards from three sides and hence create a cooling environment for the vineyards. The entire virgin land of the vineyards is covered under the right climatic conditions created by the geographical location. The 24x7 water supply provided to the vineyards makes them grow well.

The temperature observed in this location is maximum 32 °C (89.6 °F) in summer months and minimum 8 °C (46.4 °F) in winter. The vast difference in the temperatures ensures that the grapes mature faster and with maximum quality juice in them. This certainly facilitates the wine to get the great fruity aroma of the grapes in the fullest.

Our experts select the right rootstock and ensure that it is of the best quality to produce the best wine grapes. The quality process then ensures that the rootstock is suitable for the soil of the land. The saplings are ordered from a reputed nursery in France. Soil ripping is done before planting the samplings. Then the roots are planted into the soil. Organic manure is used and preferred over chemical-based to ensure that the vines grow under natural conditions only. Natural nutrients are given to the vines through the organic manure and this ensures good growth of the vines.

The winery which produces our high quality wines has the state-of-the-art technology and equipments. The wine making process is a tedious task and needs to be done under controlled conditions. Optimum hygiene and clean processes are used in making the wine. This is what gives rise to the quality standards of our wines.

The process of wine making followed by us is not compromised at any stage. Disciplined etiquettes are used in making the wine it is known for - quality. The complete process adheres to vegetarianism standards. The wine making process is generally as follows:

  • Grapes are handpicked when they attain the optimum maturity. They are picked early in the morning so that they are fresh and the aroma is delicate.
  • The grapes are transported to the winery in the climate-controlled vans, if required.
  • The grapes are then put into the Pneumatic Press, after they are de-stemmed in case of red wines or with stems for white wines. The juice of the grapes is extracted in the Pneumatic Press.
  • Red grapes are then transferred into highly hygienic and clean fermentation tanks.
  • At low temperatures, pure selected yeast is added to the fermentation tanks to facilitate the fermentation process. It also helps to retain and evolve the true aromas of the wine.
  • Red wines are further allowed to ferment for better flavour and decrease in acidity.
  • The wine allowed to age in the fermentation tanks for at least three months.
  • Finally, the wines undergo the processes of clarification, blending if required, stabilising and then bottling.